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Name: Bryan Summers
PHR role: Co-presenter and Ward Walker
Committee role: Ward Relations Officer
DOB: early 70's.. very early
PHR Member Since: 2013


My PHR Story: Got the best training possible when I was asked to join the Thursday matt & Charlie show. This training was to be useful as I was to become matt's sidekick replacing the uni bound Charlie. Regarding the ward walking. You might see me wandering around the wards every Thursday in my phoenix tee, clipboard and rucksack with speaker playing way too loud. And each week meeting the patients and staff of the hospital, getting requests and playing bit & pieces which seems to be developing into a bitterly fierce and competitive rivalry for dominance. This is what makes volunteering for phoenix so much fun

Being Me: My music tastes are wide and varied but most of my memories spawned in the 80's so do I have to say any more.... It's bad, very bad. Trying to make up for my misspent youth by seeing as many concerts as possible these days including the likes of the killers, Keane, muse and Elkie brooks!! I hope this gets me some respect..