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Name: Darren Freeman
PHR Role: Presenter
Occupation: Software Technician
DOB: 22/12/1970
PHR Member Since: June 2010 (I think)

darren f

My PHR Story: Iíve been a mobile DJ for over 20 years and always liked the thought of Ďhaving a goí at radio. I sent in my application via the PHR website and got invited down to help out. After a couple of months I was given 15 minutes air timeÖand then 30 minutesÖand then my own show.

Being a Presenter: I get to play music and talk a load of old nonesense; 2 things that I think Iím quite good at. We have a lot of fun in the studio and hopefully that comes across to the listeners. Iím a sucker for 80ís musicÖand Iím not going to apologize for that !!!

Being Me: Iím one of those annoying people that can eat anything and not put on weight onÖplease donít hate me. Iíve lived in Burton all my life and I currently work in Nottingham. Iím single, home owner, no kids, non-smoker, GSOHÖ..oops sorry, I thought this was a dating site for a minute. I like my sports (playing and watching) and Iím a millionaireÖthat last bit was a lie. Thatís me done. And relax.