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Name: Neil Swindale
PHR Role: Ward Walker (Fridays)
Occupation: Civil Engineer
DOB: 1969
PHR Member Since: 2012


My PHR Story: I joined PHR in 2012 because I wanted to do some volunteer work to help the local community. Ward walking is great because I meet lots of interesting people, have some very varied conversations and hopefully help provide a bit of light hearted distraction for the patients. Its great when a patient is really keen on music and wants to talk about their favourite band. Or some people are interested to know about the radio station - how its funded etc. Several patients have offered to come down and sing in the studio for one of the shows.

Being Me: In my spare time I play a lot of poker - preferably live but also on line. Iím in a couple of local walking groups and I support the mighty Brewers. I also like live comedy and music.