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Name: Adam McDonough
PHR Role: Station Manager and Presenter
Committee Role: Station Manager
Occupation: Senior Biomedical Engineer
DOB: Prefer not to say
PHR Member Since: 2010


My PHR Story: Having joined in 2010, I was shown the ropes of presenting from the studio. My motivation was to bring entertainment to the patients of the hospital as I believe music to be therapeutic and it is important that patients know people are wishing them well.

My show has and does go live on Mondays, 8pm till 10pm. I have been known to play classic rock, though calm it down before the last half hour. Included in my show is a local artist feature, and therefore I welcome emails from performers in and around Burton.

During the months leading to February 2017, my committee position was Station Co-ordinator, to become current Station Manager. In this role, I continue the smooth running of PHR and expand our fundraising capabilities.

Being a Presenter: I hope you enjoy my show, thanks for listening.

Being Me: With a fascination of the guitar, I have performed in bands and solo for charity events. In a demanding world it is sometimes good to get lost in music.