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Name: Alastair Atkinson
PHR Role: Presenter: Wednesday 6pm until 8pm
Occupation: Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist; owner of Right Track Therapy
DOB: 12 February
PHR Member Since: 2010


My PHR Story: I started radio broadcasting at university, and loved every minute. My work career took a different path and after some years I found myself lecturing at a university in South East Asia. Two decades after I first started talking through a microphone and pushing buttons on a mixing desk with the university radio station, I found my way back to Radio; I still love every minute.

Being a Committee Member: As the current Training officer with Phoenix Radio, I am putting together, bit by bit, a training manual that can help volunteers turn their dreams of becoming a presenter into reality.

Being a Presenter: The early evening show every Wednesday offers a blend of both music and news. The show offers a broad spectrum of music, from easy listening through to rock; it's not uncommon to find artists such as Ertha Kit, Peggy Lee, Lou Rawls, Hank Williams, Elton John, 10cc, Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy on the play lists. BUT...the tea time show is a RAP FREE ZONE, because in my opinion RAP = *RAP. On the news front we offer the very latest in breaking news headlines from around the world, movie reviews, general chit chat...and if guests drop by then we'll always be happy to shoot the breeze in between tracks.

Being Me: I lived in South East Asia for 10 years, and worked as a senior lecturer in communications at a University in Bangkok. I speak fluent Thai and I love oriental especially...and letís leave it there before too many people jump to too many ideas about what I mean by Oriental things! I am a member of a global running club called the Hash House Harriers, and in 2007 ran a marathon which combined 3 countries in one day: Thailand, Burma, and Laos. I enjoy cycling, films, photography, books, music and writing. If you are female and extremely pretty, tall, aged between 25 Ė 40, then I am very handsome and very rich, if you are not tall, aged between 25 and 40, then I am just very handsome. Oh...I also like to joke quite a lot!