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Name: Graeme Drayton
PHR Role: Saturday Afternoon Presenter
Occupation: Unemployed but radio presenting is a good job
DOB: 20th March 1984
PHR Member Since: 2011

Graeme Drayton

My PHR Story: I used to live in Scunthorpe (North Lincolnshire) for 25 years. While at Scunthorpe I worked at the Hospital Radio, where I was a backup presenter for a while and also a backup football commentator for SHR on Scunthorpe United home games, but I had to quit because of work. When I moved over here 3 years ago to live with my wife who I met on a dating site (yes they do work) and 2 step children (boys). I joined the PHR team because I wanted to get back into radio work and hospital radio seemed like the step as I'd been out of it for two long.

So I searched the Internet to find a local Hospital radio station and found PHR. It's been brilliant and everyone was very welcoming when I first joined, and this has continued.

After my initial introduction on Tuesday nights, I went onto to the Saturday morning show with (Pete Rees).

I was part of the first Marathon show with (Darren Freeman) back in August when I got sponsored to do 24 hours of the 48 hour show, (which was amazing) I did from Saturday morning at 10am till Sunday at 10am.

I then went onto the Friday night show with Twiggy (Chris Twigg) and Cameron.

I finally settled on the Wednesday morning breakfast show with (Lucy Benson) where I have remained since and she gave me her knowledge of the desk and I began training with 15 minutes slots and then after a few weeks, I got the hour slot. I've just begun to present my very own show on a Saturday afternoon with the Football show. Between March 8 - March 9 2013 I did a 30 Hour Marathon Show in which I raised in excess of 500.

Being a Presenter: I love being a presenter and love having my own show. To be honest its a bit nervy before you go on air but after the first link it's normally runs fine (but there's normal about radio). I present the Sunday afternoon show between 2 - 4pm. I'll some easy listening songs for you to listen in and relax before the hectic week kicks in again. I have a few feature's such as:-
A look back at all the Football Scores from Saturday.
Patient requests and your requests.
'The Beatles A Z' where every week I play an Beatles starting with A and all the way through to Z, including Album tracks, singles and covers) when I've completed that I'll feel so proud and also I'll have done The Beatles justice.

Being Me: I love listening and playing music, my favorite band is The Beatles. I play guitar and write my own songs. I'm currently writing a horror/mystery/thriller novel (with James Herbert as my inspiration) it might get published one day when it's complete, you never know I can only dream. I play football for my local football (Royal Oak, Newhall) in the Sunday league. I'm a member of the Gresley Male Voice Choir and a former member of the Ashby (De-La-Zouch) Songwriters Association.