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Name: Julian Johnson
PHR Role: Wednesday Show Back Up
Committee Role: Not on committee
Occupation: Lecturer
DOB: 04/10/1969
PHR Member Since: 2001 (ask Rita)

Julian Johnson

My PHR Story: After the birth of ‘our’ second daughter I was told by ‘The Boss’ that I needed to spend more time with the family and I gave up Mobile Discos. I still felt like I needed to get a regular music ‘fix’ so I spoke to a member of PHR and he told me all about Hospital Radio and the great service it provides to the patients and staff here at Burton’s Queens Hospital. This sounded like a great way to enjoy music, provide a greatly needed service and escape ‘The Boss’. Result!

Being a Committee Member: Not on the committee

Being a Back up: This is a very important role in any radio station, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it….. ‘We’ get the patients and staffs requests ready for the presenter. We answer the telephone, make the tea/coffee, bring biscuits, turn up late, take the ‘mickey’ out of others and have fun. To name a few of the jobs ‘we’ do. A presenters life would be a one way conversation without the back up crews to interact with.

Being Me: Having two children and a large wife keeps me busy. Spending quality time with my family and friends is very important. As a tutor at a college I’m quite good at talking and telling ‘rubbish’ jokes…. Now the family are older I have returned to the mobile disco scene and enjoy ‘tinkering’ when I have a moment.