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Name: Matt Mansfield
PHR Role: Thursday Night Presenter
Occupation: Web Developer
DOB: 25th November
PHR Member Since: 1999


My PHR Story & being a presenter: After leaving secondary school I didn't know what I wanted to do as a career. I was about to begin an electrical engineering diploma at college and I'd always been fascinated by radio, so I decided to join PHR. I figured it would help me decide if radio or electrical engineering were potential careers. At the time it was common for new members to help out on several different shows before finally settling down on a regular programme. All but one of the presenters I helped have since left the station, was it something I said?! I remember that my first show was with Bill Morton on a Monday night. After spending time on a few of the shows I decided to make Friday my regular night as part of the crew on Julie Crossley's show, "Between the Sheets". Julie left the station and I took over the Friday night slot along with a new member of the team by the name of Laurence McKenna. Laurence and I soon became friends and we continued the Friday night show until we decided to re-launch our show on Thursday nights. In January 2008 the "Matt & Mac" show was born, "Bringing that Friday vibe to a Thursday night" as the new jingles said. The show was an all-new format and we worked hard to make it into the flagship show it has become. This was the testing ground for new material and ideas; if we couldn't do it here then where could we do it? Shortly after our new show started, we were fortunate to have a new member join our team called Simon Devereux, otherwise known as "Simon the Chef". Simon soon became an integral part of the programme. The show continued in this format until September 2008 when Laurence departed for University in London. Simon soon took over the role of co-presenter and so "Matt & Mac" became "Matt & Simon". The show continued down the same path, sociable, sharing and fun. That is what the radio has been for me. I'm proud to say that not only do we continue to build a show but also a group of friends.

Being a Committee Member: During my time at Phoenix Hospital Radio I have worked my way up through the ranks from show assistant, presenter, committee member, production coordinator, deputy station manager, to station manager - the role I currently hold. This means I get to do lots of boring paperwork to keep the station running, but it does have the benefit of being able to delegate the tea making duties to everyone else!

Being Me: A few facts about me: I know way too much about music (just ask Simon the Chef!)
I'm a huge fan of Gresley FC
I love photography
I spend way too much money on gadgets and toys